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League of young voters

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The League of young voters UK was formed in 2014 to address the challenge that not enough young people are registering and voting in the UK. Young people in the UK are simply not engaging in democracy at the same levels as their older counterparts. In the last general election, for example, only 44% of 18-24 year olds voted in comparison to 76% or 65+ year olds, and current voter registration rates suggest that this trend is set to continue.




Follow the link below to discover key dates that will enable you to engage in the election process or key events that the League of Young Voters are running.


Press Office

If you are looking to speak to a young person about voting or a member of the coalition please contact Rhammel Afflick on 020 7250 8376, or email rhammel.afflick@byc.org.uk. For out of hours enquiries, please call 07809 507 356. The League has a network of young media spokespeople from across the UK who are keen to engage with journalists as well as spokespeople on behalf of the coalition.

Democracy Awards

The Discovering Democracy Award is an award for secondary schools that create a positive culture of citizenship and democracy. The award celebrates and shares the success of schools that go further in equipping their students with the skills and knowledge to play a full and active part in society. The award is judged by a panel of young people on four areas: voter registration; knowledge of democracy; student participation; and student led social action. The first round of applications will close on September 30th, for more details and information on how to apply click here.